SenseFly eBee UAV Gallery

SenseFly eBee UAV Gallery

Aerial surveys use a range of digital devices to deliver large scale orthomosaics and terrain data sets. The aerial surveys provide a base for planners and developers to discuss concepts & projects.

Talbot Surveys Inc. offers a comprehensive range of aerial mapping technologies supported by leading industry expertise to deliver aerial surveying projects of all sizes to clients.

We specialize in low level, high accuracy, high resolution imagery suitable for engineering design, volumetric computations, and orthometric imagery to assist in exploration, flood studies and general project planning.

Using advanced photogrammetry processing techniques, a wide variety of deliverables can be produced; from geo-referenced ortho-imagery to dense 3-D point clouds & digital terrain models. By utilizing both fixed and rotary wing systems, our Team is equipped to support all of your survey requirements.

  • Fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • High resolution ortho-imagery
  • Digital elevation models (DEM) point clouds
  • Mine and stockpile audits
  • Remote asset inspections
  • Environmental mapping
  • Corridor mapping

UAV Survey Gallery

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