Friday, May 10, 2019
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Advanced Vision Technology that helps deliver Superior Results…

The Trimble SX10 sets a new standard for surveying performance by truly merging high-speed 3D scanning, enhanced imaging, & high-accuracy total station measurements all from one machine. The SX10 is an incredibly capable & versatile piece of equipment to help surveyors & designers get a realistic 3D representation of their project.

3D Scanning - Structures

3D Laser Scanning for Buildings & Structures

The Trimble SX10 is a great 3D laser scanner for architecture, engineering, and construction applications. Every scan measures millions of points with each point assigned a precise XYZ position in space. Collectively, these points create a three dimensional “point cloud” that can be navigated, drafted, and modeled in popular CAD & BIM applications. Applied to architecture, a point cloud is a dimensionally-correct, digital copy of the building itself.

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Scanning Benefits

  • “Point-in-time” digital archive for future reference and interrogation
  • Fewer site visits required by personnel and technicians
  • Clash detection of working model vs. actual site conditions
  • High-detail, high-precision imaging for fabricators and installers
  • Import directly into Revit, Autocad, 3DS, Civil3D, Navisworks, Archicad, Microstation, Rhino, Solidworks & more
  • Free, standalone point cloud viewers includes: Autodesk Recap, Scene Light, Cloud Compare

General Applications

  • Topographic Survey/General Surveys (Boundary/Land Title Surveys)
  • Roadway/Corridor Surveys (Roadway design and Topo)
  • Volumetric Surveys (Stockpile volumes)
  • Infrastructure Surveys (Civil Infrastructure As-Builts)
  • Building As-Built and Design Surveys
  • Utility Design Survey
  • Power Line Inspection/Clearance
  • Forensics/Crash Scene Investigation
  • Mine/Quarry Survey
  • Tank Calibration/Inspection
  • Dimensional Control

Trimble SX10 Overview Videos


Full Total Station Technology, Plus a High-Precision Scanner in one Revolutionary Machine.

Everything from virtual tours to inspection surveys & more, the Trimble SX10 delivers unmatched versatility grouped with skilled professionals to tackle any job, big or small!

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