Echo Sounders

Superior acoustic quality engineered for the demanding marine environment

As technology advances in the survey industry, Talbot Surveys Inc. works hard to stay up-to-date with the latest survey equipment, technologies, and techniques. Here at Talbot Surveys Inc., we utilize two types of depth sounders.

  • Seafloor Single and Dual Frequency HydroLite
  • CEE ECHO Dual-Frequency Hydrogrpahic Echo Sounder

Echo Sounders

The Seafloor Hydrolite is a portable integrated hydrographic survey solution, that quickly measures and logs depths. It is adaptable to any vessel with single and dual frequency capabilities.

Having owned and operated the Seafloor Hydrolite for over five years, our team is well-experienced in completing small-to-large marine surveys and being proactive to avoid any potential problems/dangers. With the addition of the CEE ECHO and Hydromagic software, it allows our team to deliver superior-quality data for our clients.

What are some advantages of using a Dual-Frequency Echo Sounder?

Dual-frequency transducers are a great choice for deep water work. They include a low-frequency beam (usually 50kHz) to penetrate depth better with a wide beam angle. (40-60 degrees) Since low-frequencies tend to not show bottom detail and loose accuracy at higher speeds, it is paired with a high-frequency beam.

High-frequency beams are better at separating suspended targets (vegetation, sludge, etc.) and showing bottom detail. Also they can track the seabed, even at the fastest boat speeds. But higher-frequencies don’t penetrate depth as well as lower-frequencies.

So by collecting the two frequencies simultaneously it is possible to create two independent data sets. These data sets can then be overlaid on top of each other to compare the two levels giving the clients a more accurate and visual presentation of the seabed.

What is the seafloor area coverage?

The rule of thumb for determining coverage of a 10-12 degree high-frequency beam is to divide the depth by 7 to find the diameter of the beam’s circle. For example, at a 40’ depth, the high-frequency beam will cover about a 6’ circle.

To determine the coverage with a 45-degree low-frequency beam is easy; the diameter of the circle of coverage is equal to the depth, so at 50′ depth it covers about a 50’ circle.

Five reasons why you should consider the CEE ECHO for your next Bathymetric Survey

Apart from utilizing two frequencies to record more detailed data than other depth sounders, the CEE ECHO has a long list of advantages:

  1. The CEE ECHO is a Complete Hydrographic Package. With everything in one waterproof case; echo sounder, battery, and data logger, the CEE ECHO is designed to minimized mobilization time and spend more time surveying. Simply set-up unit with a GNSS system and the echo sounder data is outputted and recorded immediately.
  2. Maximize your survey quality with precise data timing. Up to 20 Hz GNSS data are merged with 20 Hz echo sounder data inside the echo sounder. A 1PPS signal from the GNSS receiver is used to precisely time stamp every packet of data generated.
  3. Record a High Definition Water Column Echogram. The CEE ECHO generates a full water column digital echogram (envelope) available in real time view, and for post processing professional hydro-graphic survey results. This key capability allows you to be 100% sure about your sounding data quality. In contrast to “digital depth” echo sounders that generate no echogram, the CEE ECHO allows identification of bottom features such as vegetation that may otherwise lead to inaccurate soundings. With a 20 Hz maximum ping rate, surveys are captured with ultimate detail and top-class quality control.
  4. Work in Extremely Shallow Water. The CEE ECHO is designed to operate in very shallow water with no requirement to adjust the sonar settings. The advanced bottom tracking algorithm will keep a bottom lock across the whole depth range.
  5. Work with experienced surveyors. With a combined survey experience of over 45 years, Talbot Surveys Inc. has a team of professionals that go above and beyond to satisfy our clients needs, while maintaining safe work practices.
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