Talbot Surveys

Construction and Civil Land Survey company

Who we are

Focused on safety first for over 25 years.

Talbot Surveys Inc. is a private surveying company based in Timmins, Ontario. Established in 1996, Talbot Surveys has Timmins and the surrounding area with land and civil survey services for the mining, construction and forestry industries.

Featured Services

Drone Surveys
Aerial surveys uses multiple digital devices to deliver large scale orthomosaics & terrain data sets which provide a base for planners & developes to discuss concepts & projects.
Construction Layout & Civil Surveys
Layouts are commonly performed by bringing engineered design to reality. Through the use of survey tools & techniques, we are able to place structures and materials of all types to predetermined locations with variable degrees of accuracy.
Volume Surveys
Using the process of Topographic Surveying our skilled professionals may use the three-dimensional AutoCAD map to determine specific volumes of natural or placed materials. This process can be used for a wide variety of places and objects.

Our Equipment

We believe that technology is our future and it is the future of surveying. We are continuously upgrading our equipment and computer programs to stay at leading edge. With technology constantly being improved it allows surveyors to do their job and be more efficient.

Multiple Mill Expansions

Over the years, Talbot Surveys Inc. has completed a large number of extended projects.

Kidd Metallurgical Site

Talbot Surveys Inc. has worked hand in hand for many years with the Kidd Metallurgical Site.