SenseFly eXom

Talbot Surveys is proud to announce the arrival of the SenseFly EXOM/ALBRIS drone. The EXOM is an intelligent mapping and inspection drone. Unlike the eBee & eBee RTK units; which are fixed wing platforms, the EXOM is a quad-copter platform which allows for easier flying, more control, & easy take-off and landings.

The EXOM performs similar tasks as the eBee units with the added benefit of inspection and flying in confined/close proximity spaces. It features a fully stabilized TripleView head which allows you to switch between HD and thermal video imagery during flight, plus we can capture high-resolution still images on demand. The head also features a 180° vertical range of motion, digital zoom, and a completely unobstructed field of view. The eXom allows us to have full control of the drone at all times and has a constant live stream of all sensors and cameras directly to our controlling computer.

Please contact us for more information on the eXom and how this UAV can help you with your project.

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