Talbot Surveys – Services

Since Talbot Surveys Inc. was first established in 1996, we have developed an array of services to meet the needs of our clients. From residential to industrial jobs, no job is too big or too challenging for our team to accomplish.


Services Listing

Below you will find a complete list and description of all services offered by Talbot Surveys Inc.

Drone Surveys

Aerial surveys use multiple digital devices to deliver large scale orthomosaics & terrain data sets which provide a base for planners & developers to discuss concepts & projects.

Using advanced photogrammetry processing techniques, out team provides a wide variety of deliverables; from geo-referenced ortho-imagery to dense 3-D point clouds and digital terrain models. By utilizing both fixed and rotary wing systems, our team is equipped to cater for all of your requirements.

  • Fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • High resolution ortho-imagery
  • Digital elevation models (DEM) point clouds
  • Mine and stockpile audits
  • Remote asset inspections
  • Environmental mapping
  • Corridor mapping

See our UAV Flights Gallery & contact us to discuss how our drones can help on your next project.


Laser Scanning As-Built Surveys

Using highly accurate 3D point cloud information we can produce a diverse range of products including:

  • Highly accurate documentation for heritage sites
  • 3D CAD models
  • 2D floor plans, sections & elevations
  • Point Cloud imagery, virtual tours & walk-throughs
  • High-resolution ortho-images

The Trimble SX10 3D laser scanner can also work in unison with our Ebee UAV units to capture large urban areas. The point cloud information can be used to further support your urban planning & design needs.


Construction Layout & Civil Surveys

Layouts are commonly performed by bringing engineered designs to reality. Through the use of survey tools & techniques, we are able to place structures and materials of all types to predetermined locations with variable degrees of accuracy.

Bathymetric Surveys

Bathymetric Surveying is the process of mapping the terrain of a seabed. If it’s a lake, river, creek, or pond Talbot Surveys Inc. has the tools needed to measure the depth of water at specific locations. Once information has been gathered a detailed a three-dimensional map can be created in HydroMagic & AutoCAD.

When it comes to reviewing data quality, the echogram record presents a crucial advantage over basic echo sounders. For example, heavy bottom vegetation can be identified on the echogram and differentiated from the true bottom, a process that may be impossible with a basic echo sounder.


Topographic Surveys

Topographic Surveys are normally conducted to gather survey data about the natural and man-made features of the land, as well as its elevations. After collecting the field information a three-dimensional map will be created in AutoCAD.

Volume Surveys

Using the process of Topographic Surveying, our skilled professionals may use the three-dimensional AutoCAD map to determine specific volumes of natural or placed materials. This process can be used for a wide variety of places and objects.

Pit Surveys

Pit Surveys is one of many instances where volumetric surveys are utilized.  It is a specialized service which is conducted using many different methods.  Essentially, we complete a topographic survey of the excavated pit in order to monitor progress and/or to produce a realistic quantitative volume removed from the area.


Precision GPS Static Surveys

Static GPS surveying is a relative positioning technique which employs two (or more) stationary receivers simultaneously tracking the same satellites. This method of surveying is based on collecting measurements at both the base and remote receivers for a certain period of time, which, after processing, yield the coordinates of an unknown point. This type of survey is primarily used to create control where no control exists to very high accuracies.